The official language of the competition and the rules is Finnish. The rules are also translated into English.


The Majaoja Percussion Competition is organized by the Tampere Conservatory and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Sibelius Academy at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Pori Palmgren Conservatory. The competition takes place 8. – 11.10.2015 in Tampere, Finland.

II Eligibility and Categories

The competition is open for students of music institutions, universities and polytechnics in the Nordic and Baltic countries, all foreign exchange students studying in those institutions during the autumn term 2015 and Nordic and Baltic country citizens studying abroad during the autumn term 2015.

The competition is divided into three categories:

A: Participants born in 1990 or later

B: Participants born in 1998 or later

Review Category has no age limit. The Review Category is also open to groups.

III Prizes

Category A

1. prize 6 000 €

2. prize 3 000 €

3. prize 1 000 €

The competition jury may redistribute the prize sums as they see fit. The total sum must still be 10 000 €.

Category B

The total prize sum is 5 000 €, which the jury will distribute as they see fit.

Review Category

No monetary prizes. A jury consisting of competition board members will give a short oral evaluation after the performance.

IV Registering

Category A

Registration for Category A is done by filling in the online registration form by 15.5.2015. The participants will be pre-selected with the following method:

Qualification assignment for Category A: A piece for a mallet instrument and a piece for snare drum or multipercussion. Maximum duration of the music is 10 minutes. The pieces or their movements must be recorded on video live with no editing. The video may also include pieces to be performed in the competition. The pre-selection jury consisting of competition board members will select the maximum of 15 participants for the Category A.

Along with the registration form, participants must submit the following documents:

– A copy of their passport.

– A short curriculum vitae.

– A link to a file containing the recording of the qualification assignment as described above.

The selected participants will be notified by e-mail by 31.5.

Category B

Registration by 1.9.2015 using the online registration form.

Review Category

Registration 15.9.2015 using the online registration form.


The registration fee for categories A and B is 50 €. For the Review Category, the registration fee is 30 €. The fee for category A is paid only by those who qualify to compete. The participants and the guardians of participants under 18 have free entry to concerts connected to the competition.


The performance order will be determined by a draw by 5.10.2015 and announced on the competition website at


The competition board may change the schedule if needed.


Competitors and their guardians must arrange their own travel, accommodation and meals.


The competition and related events are open to the public. The organizers reserve the permission to record, photograph, film and broadcast on radio, television or online the participants’ performances. All recording without the organiser’s permission is prohibited.


The jury and review board have the right to interrupt the performance, if the maximum duration is exceeded.


The rules were drawn by the competition board. The competition board also answers all questions regarding the following of the rules. The competition jury decides the winners and runners-up and distributes the prize sums as stated in the rules. Questions about the practical arrangements of the competitions are to be directed to the producer of the competition.

Competition Repertoire

Category A

First Round

Gordon Stout: Diptych part I and a piece for the snare drum.

The maximum duration of the music is 15 minutes.

Second Round (4-6 participants)

One of the following pieces:

1a) Yannis Xenakis: Rebonds B

1b) Benjamin Finley: Blade

1c) Casey Cangelosi: Ogre Ballet


2) Any piece for a mallet instrument.

The maximum duration of the music is 20 minutes.

Final Round

1) Tim Ferchen: Music for Vibraphone and woodwinds. Performed together with wind orchestra Serenade.

And one of the following pieces:

2a) Yannis Xenakis: Rebonds A

2b) Kevin Volans: She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket

2c) Kevin Volans: Asanga

Category B

First Round

One of the following pieces:

1a) Morris Goldenberg: Resonances

1b) Morris Goldenberg: Concert Etydes

1c) Ney Rosauro: Variations for Four Tom-Toms – one theme and one of the variations.


2) N.J. Zivkovic: Macedonia for xylophone, performed without piano accompaniment.

Second Round

Any one piece for a mallet instrument and any one piece for the snare drum.

The maximum duration of the music is 15 minutes.

Review Category

Free repertoire with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. Pieces and instrument selection must be reported in the registration form by 15.9. The board reserves the right to limit the instrument selection. The review category is also open for groups.